Competent EDP consultation

Particularly with complex working processes it requires an intensive consultation, in order to extend or arrange an optimally adapted EDP system to the new requirements.
We compile and conceive solutions, which can be adapted to your process, as far as possible.

Our advisory activities are based on the following goals:

Individual branch solutions

Special requirements under special conditions require individual branch solutions. All the same, whether special environmental influences (e.g. humidity in the interior and external area) require special hardware components or whether special working processes (e.g.  use of certain software with compatibility and interface problems) making a particular application more difficult we compile a respective solution for it. We are particularly specialized in the adjustment of Office interfaces such as DDE, ODBC or OLE. Beyond that we have best experiences with the implementation of system solutions for shipping lines, monitoring devices for IP camera systems, audio video analysing systems, installation and configuration of direction and measuring systems in industry, agriculture, medical technology and IT-environments (computing centres / server plants).

Planning of investments

We support you with planned investments concerning your EDP system. We compile the exact need according to your requirements. Particularly in the starting phase of establishments of an enterprise the use of borrowed devices and/or hosted software solutions accommodates itself. (e.g. Hosted Microsoft Exchange)

Co-ordination of advertisements

We provide tender documents for you such as product requirement specifications and bill of quantities. Beyond that we coordinate if desired also advertisements as independent EDP experts and intermediaries.

Project co-ordination of IT-projects

For spreading European-wide IT-projects we offer our support to you as a co-ordinator in the planning and conversion phase. We organize rollouts, IT-Personal-recruitment as well as the conversion of infrastructural and system-based changes in the IT-sector.

* Hotline on local rate, mobile could be different