Data security

In order to ensure the highest possible data security, possible risks harming the system, must be minimized.

An intact and regularly serviced IT-infrastructure is therefore the highest criterion necessary. In addition particularly data protection backup products with high safety and quality standards should be used in the range. Central memory systems on the basis of non removable disks should be used only in redundant architecture (RAID - redundant array of Independent disks). Regular data safety devices are essential apart from the legal obligation, a revision-safe record keeping for a professionally administered IT-system. It depends also on a safe storage area (e.g. fireproof bank safe) for the backup carrier. Regularly arranged safety updates of the server/work station, operating system and the user software form a solid basis of a safe system.

As IT-service-suppliers we analyze the current conditions if desired regarding the IT-security in your enterprise. With a follow up EDP safety consultation we identify the substantial points for the optimization of safety factors in your IT-infrastructure.

Virus protection

In order to secure the EDP system successfully against computer viruses, the employment of a professional and complete anti-virus solution in the network is recommended on all PCs installed. Thereby it is crucial how regularly current virus signatures are brought up to date whether emails are examined automatically in the background for viruses and whether heuristic, behaviour-referred search mechanisms are able to recognize and to eliminate unknown viruses and other computer parasites. In addition is to be considered the height of the restriction of the system speed into the decision for the new acquisition of an anti-virus protection.

B2B-EDV recommends to you depending upon application environment avast! Anti-virus solutions or anti-virus software of the company Kaspersky. As specialist dealers for both manufacturers always the newest realizations and information of the computer viruses research are at the disposal to us and ensure our high quality requirements with the consultation and conversion of safety solutions.

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Network security

In order to avoid break-downs and/or bad access in your EDP network, corresponding Firewalls/gateways in the network should provide the first defence against unauthorized access for protection depending on the necessary security level. A regular analysis of network minutes on unauthorized access belongs to the tasks of professional EDP maintenance. A user and a administration controlled server operating system (e.g. Active directory with Windows 2003/SBS) rounds up the primary network security.

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Data protection

Apart from the technical realization of data security an appropriate consciousness of the users participating in the network is in addition necessary. Personal passwords should correspond to fixed minimum requirements. So it is recommended that no personal data such as name, dates of birth are used etc. but a combination of capital, small letters and numbers are used and/or special characters for the creation of a password.
When leaving the job we recommend urgently to protect it against unauthorized access (under Windows: Window-key+L). To server plants for example access control systems, which log the logging and evaluation of the entrance of entitled persons, grant sufficient security.

We provide you with data security and data protection for your enterprise if necessary and convert this into the practice in the daily workflow.

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Data rescue – re-establishment of data

With the alleged loss of data, by defective non removable disks, scratched DVD/CD, defective memory cards or with the inadvertent deletion of data or formatting of non removable disks we offer solutions to you for the Data rescue and/or re-establishment of the lost data. To the fact it is important that no self attempts, particularly with non removable disks with mechanical noises (to click, are undertaken knocking, scratching), so that no further damages of the write vintage usually concerning heads and the surface texture of the data media are caused. In these cases we offer a brisk clarifying the damage condition and the appropriate proposal for solution to you, naturally also with indication of the developing costs

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