Network installation / LAN infrastructure

Wire-bound networks copper (CU2)
We plan your network architecture, lay network cables, install network sockets, patch fields, network cabinets  and patch afterwards the installed wirings (apply). It is not crucially how extensive your requirements are. We depend on you and compile the solution fitting for you.

Wire-bound networks glass fiber (LWL)
For the implementation of ultramodern and efficient glass fiber connections we are at your disposal. We advise you first about possible solutions in this area. Also for the completion of larger projects in the telecommunichation construction, for example over a distance of several kilometres we are the suitable partner.

Wireless networks (Wireless/W LAN)
For wireless W-LAN requirements for example for the implementation of Hotspots in the catering trade, in the trade, in hotels and pensions we offer reliable and safe wireless network solutions to you. Hard and Software program products tested only on a long-term basis come to the employment, which offer a stable range of highest possible information flow-rates and a maximum protection against sabotage and unauthorized access.

Network maintenance / administration

User administration / user support
We structure and administer the users merged in the network after current guidelines. For arising questions and problems we are at the disposal to your co-workers when desired as partners.

Maintenance and servicing
We examine regularly all components in the network such as server, switches, routers, printers, Client PCs and telephone system for a smooth operation. Due to partly automated monitoring processes we can determine errors fast and repair them partly by remote maintenance within a short time. In principle we put large value on the complete documentation of our work at any time, in order to ensure person independent maintenance of the existing network.

Network security
Apart from the installation and maintenance of computer networks we guard the conversion of current safety guidelines and advise you on the conversion of these in your company/ your Intranet.
You find further information in our column “IT-security" on the web page of B2B-EDP.

* Hotline on local rate, mobile could be different