Telecommunications service

An efficient telecommunichation system is an important requirement in daily information exchange. Beyond that an efficient and thoughtful TC-solution with the integration of existing IT-systems offers a high potential on time and cost efficiency.

ISDN telephone & Fax solutions

We offer the planning and conversion of your telecommunichations environment to you by means of professional ISDN technology. As certified partners for Agfeo solutions we have the most current information and knowledge in the area of the telecommunichations technology. You receive from us an all around service in all phases of infrastructural measures (move from network and Telephone wires, network and telephone sockets). Beyond that, we install, configure, service and conceive your telecommunichations plant in its entirety. Our solutions are particularly optimized for medium-size requirements. For the conversion of call centre systems we offer up to a certain extent likewise competent support to you. Beside the selling and the service of AGFEO plants we offer also producer-independent support of TK-systems (e.g. plants and telephones of Panasonic, Siemens, Auerswald, DeTeWe, AVM, radio work) to you. For the implementation of professional fax solutions, for example in combinations with Windows/Linux servers (Windows of fax services Tobit David) we are likewise a competent partner.

VOIP of systems / Asterisk

Our Telecommunichations portfolio contains also efficient Network supported telephone solutions apart from classical ISDN systems.
We are particularly specialized in the planning and implementation of Asterisk server systems. Depending upon budget and requirement we are able to implement highly-qualified tasks settings. We recommend the employment of Digium hardware with the use of ISDN ways, as well as in combination of ISDN and Internet telephone. During the saving of telephone costs we offer efficient solutions to you for example by the integration of GSM gateways within the portable radio range.

Hosted Asterisk PBX

Especially for enterprises with an outsourced computing centre, several above all small branches, satellite jobs and Home office co-workers offers the use of a central organized Internet-based telephone system benefits. We offer the use of our available servers for such solutions on the basis of an Asterisk PBX (private Branch Exchange), adjusted to your requirements.

* Hotline on local rate, mobile could be different