System administration

For a permanent reliable availability each professionally used EDP system requires independent of its size and efficiency a structured qualified support.
We minister your EDP system and offer to you a flexible IT-service, which we align to your requirements. Do you wish a complete support of the IT-infrastructure or only a certain (critical) range? In the context of a consultation we offer a complete EDP planning and maintenance concept or the optimal addition of your past solutions to you.

Our IT-administration services

EDP maintenance / servicing contracts

To ensure a regular service and a fast reactivity with the solution of unforeseeable problems and emergencies of system crashes we recommend a support on the basis of a maintenance agreement. Our customers enjoy special performance demands and services on the basis of a servicing contract (service contract). Thus we make for example a 24/7 support (emergency service) and reduced auxiliary services possible. Depending upon your requirements we assure to you agreed upon reaction and return times if necessary. For early problem recognition we use automated hard and software monitors. Thus we solve ideally the IT-problem still before noticeable effects and impairments.

IT-support/ service level agreement

For our manufacturer-spreading IT-support we offer flexible support stages (service agreement level) to you. On the one hand the choice of the response time and on the other hand the wanted return time is crucial.

The following response times after receipt of the support message are alternatively at your disposal:

SL1 - Next Business Day (reaction on the next working-day)
SL2 - 4h response time Mo-Fr of 08:00 - 20:00 o'clock
SL3 - 4h response time Mo-So 24h (24/7)
SL4 - Re-establishment Next Business Day
SL5 - Re-establishment within 8h (Mo-Fr. 08:00 - 20: 00 o'clock)

We advise you gladly on our servicing contracts and provide you in addition an individually fitting offer.

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